2 "Traditional Living rooms on the Dark Side"

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Hello friends, today I wanted to talk about traditions yup traditions. Do you have a tradition that you hold dear to you that no one by no means in no way can take away from you? Well that is what I feel about traditional decorating it is something customary, long-established and somewhat time-honored. It’s a style which is not trendy nor does it drifts away. Personally I’ve always been attracted to the style and even when I drift away from it, I always find myself coming back to it. How about you do you like traditional style? Well you already know how I feel about it. What I love about it is the many methods you can process it well today although summer time I found myself searching and exploring traditional living rooms on the dark side check out these lovely beautiful bold and dark colored living rooms.
Love the black and white wallpaper
Beautiful! Did you notice how the window covering goes all the way to the top of molding?

Bold and beautiful traditional Living room. I love these colors and all the mix of patterns.

Just beautiful
How beautiful! Looks at that chandelier and the dark walls just beautiful.  source by Restoration hardware

How beautiful! I truly just don't have the words for this room Wow- this room is also used as a home office
I love the zebra skins

Leather Ottoman
I love the red walls and the traditional rug and how about the leather wing-back chair?

What do you think?
Do you like traditional style decorating?
Which room does you like most?
Let me know in your comment below!
Have a nice weekend
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Anonymous said...

Wow..very pretty! The room with the chandelier from Restoration Hardware and the 3 below it are unreal!!! Traditional with a bit of a modern it! -Kristy

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

I love the restoration hardware room as well. Thanks for your comment.

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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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