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Hello friends, how are things? Bathrooms have to be one of the most difficult rooms to renovate especially when there is only one in the house. How about you have you ever lived through a bathroom renovation? Well if you have I can relate to your pain. Now I don’t mean to sound all negative in all but that’s the hard facts when renovating a bathroom whereas there is no other place to take care of your business if you know what I mean, it’s a pretty hard sale. Well I had the pleasure of renovating this bathroom for a client and boy was I getting evil looks like when are you going to get this job done, Can I take a bath in my own tub please, geez finish already.  Now mind you if this client wasn’t my sister I wouldn’t tell you about all the evil looks I was getting. Yes the hard facts friends is it’s not easy living through a bathroom renovation heck its hard living through any renovation but a bathroom or kitchen is like living through a warzone and all the evil looks you get from a client is so understandable because you can’t help but to understand their pain. Furthermore your job as a designer is to make your client feel at ease or better-yet make them forget all about the warzone when the job is complete, so without further ado check out this bathroom before and after renovation I had the pleasure of doing.

Timeline 1 week before party
Fair budget

Not Pretty bathroom! OK I must say it didn't look like this before we gutted the place but I failed to take a before we gutted the place pic.

What you do you think? This is the after, different right!

Are you checking out the molding on the wall! Pretty cool right!!!

I love the shelf over the toilet because it really creates the balance in this bathroom. There would be a lack of balance here had I not put the shelf there. You see the toilet couldn't be moved over because it would have been a lot of work so I put the shelf there to bring it all together. Makes since right?

Can you imagine living through this?

Here is the end result of that mess

This is what you call a waterfall tile effect and what do you think about the bigger tile with the circles in them?

What do you think? Do you like waterfalls?

This is the before of the floor. Not so nice right!

I love the floors. I wish you can see this floor in person the tile has diamonds in them and boy is it beautiful.

Here is a close-up of the diamonds and this still does no justice for this tile but nonetheless beautiful.

The before of the window area.

OK I'm proud to say I made the roman shades myself and it was a no sew project more on that soon in another post when I show you how to do it too.

Do you see the tieback on the shower curtain? I made that too and I will show you how I did that in another post.

I love that little table

What do you think about the chair in the bathroom?

I love the chair I also painted this chair it was an old chair found at goodwill for not much.

Friends I hope you enjoyed the before and after of this bathroom, it was a lot of hard work but as you can see in the end it was so worth it. Now I had a few challenges along the way and I wasn't able to finish this bathroom in 1 week like the rules were. I can tell you if anyone tell you this can be done in a week without lots of manpower I will tell you it’s a lie because it takes time and not to mention all the behind the walls encounter that are unforeseen.  Remember the timeline one week party I told you about? Well within a week all the old tile in the bathtub was down the new electrical was in, the sea green blue paint was all done also the new sink , toilet and the floors were all done in one week. Now all this was done in that timeline but there were other things that needed attention like the Bathtub tile, the batten walls and all the finishing work woo just glad it was all done in a 2 week period not an easy task. 

What do you think?
Let me know in your comment below!
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Anonymous said...

I love the way the window is,My one bathroom has blinds for the window,On the count of tub being right under window,But very nice.Different.

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

Thanks so much for your comment.I can understand about the blinds because of all the moisture from the tub. Blinds are a good choice.

Detra said...

Shinay, you have outdone yourself on this bathroom!!! I absolutely love the tile in the shower and on the phone. Love the color and the modern look and design. Congrats on a job well done!!! Kudos to you :)

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

Thanks so much Detra, I truly appreciate the compliment. Every now and then we need that boost of confidence. Thanks so much for yours.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty!!! Great usual! I love the moulding, the dark wood against the white and all of the beautiful tile. You sister must be very pleased! -Kristy

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

Thanks Kristy, my Sister was very pleased after the job was finally done. I'm not sure if she ever did forget about the war-zone that happen in that bathroom but she told me she was very happy. Thanks for your comment

Anonymous said...

This bathroom is beautiful, oh its mine. Great job Shinay, you did and amazing job and I did not give you that many evil looks. Question did I give you publishing rights????? Just kidding, let it be known how great of a job you do, you never seize to amaze me.- Mia

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

Thanks so much sis, I'm so glad your OK with me pushing publish on your bathroom but more important I'm glad you love it.

Mary Terese Nasca said...

This is a very pretty bathroom. Lots of nice details. Since this is a "before and after" blog, I would have liked to have seen the before. Also, its always better to post less great quality photos than a lot of so-so photos.

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