4 Room Wars-Color Versus Neutral

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 It’s time for war, room wars that is. That's right. Are you ready for battle? But  first, how many of us struggle with the choices we make? Such as color vs neutral, chocolate vs vanilla or Big or small. At any rate it can all be confusing at times, so today were going to have a little bit of fun with room wars. Here's the deal. We have two rooms one neutral and one vibrant and colorful but both equally beautiful. What I need from you is to vote on your favorite room and in the end the room that wins will be revealed. Ready!!


 This room is bold and beautiful  vibrant and sexy win or loose this room designed to perfection. This room is designed by Maria Barros


This room is neutral and homey and all around comfortable and not at all boring but elegant and sexy, win or loose this room is perfect in my eyes. This room is designed by Sarah Richardson

Let's take a look one more time

Time to vote

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AnnMarie said...

Wow, I think I was the tying vote. I love color but have a hard time deciding which I want to use so I end up using neutrals. My house needs a total makeover. I'll be interested to see your blog posts since I am lacking in the decorating arena.

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

Hi Ann Marie, I also had a hard time choosing because I can be either one on any giving day. I guess I've done a good job in choosing two beautiful rooms. In the meantime thanks for voting and visiting my blog. I hope you come back again. xoxo

cs said...

Both look great, but I chose neutral.

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

Thanks Chris for your vote. Its so nice to see a man getting involved. Believe it or not Mark chose Neutral also although he didn't vote. Maybe it's a man thing.

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