2 Friday's Runway Decorate-Spring 2012

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I know most of us can’t wait until summer so we can ware our fun summer dresses and open toe sandals you know more reasons to get pedicures’, so how fitting will it be to dedicate this Friday's Runway Decorate to spring fashion and spring home interiors? This week You’re going to notice colors that are for this season 2012 runway models wearing spring 2012 colors and home interiors room that mimic the spring 2012 runway models. Let’s check out this week’s runway decorate showdown. 

How about these beautiful spring colors in the light blue and greens and hint of yellow. Nice match

Oh how 2012 has something in stored for us. Check out this beautiful 2012 runway model in this stunning halter top and skirt. I love the warm orange and red colors coupled with white to bring spring 2012 to life……………. How about our matching room, look how this put spring 2012 into motion. Check out the beautiful mid-century chair but what about the light and dark colors on the walls? We have a light paint color at the top of the wall and a darker coral color on the bottom half of the walls if this isn't a halter-top and a skirt, I don't know what is : )

Runway model for spring 2012. Pictured at left: green top, purple skirt and pretty spring open-toe flower sandals. .......... We have a beautiful dining room to your right with a painted green and purple table and a hutch painted in purple with a green inside paint job a place to put all coordinating accessories, “oh how I love it when we have a beautiful match like this.

Which room did you like most?
Would you ever uses runway fashion to inspire a home interior project?
Let me know in your comment below!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Friday's Runway Decorate Spring 2012. I most certainly have. Thanks for hanging out until next time. Happy Friday XOXO

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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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