2 Friday's Runway Decorate - Children’s Rooms

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Hello Friends, This week we have a special Friday's Runway Decorate. Were dedicating it to the kids. Yes that's right its child's play runway decorate. Today we will feature beautiful children runway models and beautiful interiors that matches them. Check out this week runway decorate

I absolutely love this beautiful runway young girl model she is so ready for big-time! Check out her cute outfit isn’t the colors she's wearing beautiful on her?               This bedroom conveys the same color but what I like most about this room is the decals on the wall. Doesn’t it remind you of the cute hair peace on the little model head?  This is what runway decorates all about.

OK!!! Look how little miss fancy is working the runway she's working it with her cute sunglasses and all. We have model Miss Fancy walking with a blue jean skirt with an orange stripe and a peak of orange ruffle around the waste and how about the orange halter top, topping it off with a orange headband.                 Now take a look at this kid’s room that normally would be for a boy. But were showing how this room doesn’t have to just work for boys but a girl can rock this room also. Doesn’t this room speak volume in color and spunk? I love it!! 

Now let’s check out the double-mint twins aren't they cute!!!! I chose these rooms as the runway match because of the beautiful colors that the both twins are wearing but also because of the beautiful bunk beds aren’t they lovely? Isn’t this a good way to decorate for twins? Can’t you see them sharing this lovely room? I love this room what a double dose of fun.

  • So how about you!! Do you look at your child's outfit and say this can be the look of his/her bedroom or playrooms?
  • Which runway decorate kids room do you like most?
  • Let me know in your comment below!!

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Anonymous said...

Adorable! I LOVE the colors! -Kristy

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

Thanks Kristy for your comment. I love the colors also especially the double mint twins their so cute. Heck I love them all. The little girl in the first photo is so cute.

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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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