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What is it about beautiful stair railings that make us all happy inside when we walk into a home and the first thing we see is a visual beautiful stair rail welcoming us as we enter the home? Today I wanted to post about the things we sometimes don’t think about while designing a home. When where building or remolding our homes we often think about the kitchens, bathrooms and interior decorations but how often do we say stair railings? While that isn’t the first thing we think of when designing, that is normally one of the first thing we see when we walk into a home. So why not make stair rails an important part of designing our homes? Here are some beautiful Stair railings to get you started.
Beautiful! I love the S scrolling
I love the craftsmanship on these stair railing
Isn't it amazing what type of graphic that can be done with the Alphabet's. I love the O's
Simple but so beautiful. I love it!!

Did you enjoy the Stair railings post?
Which look do you like most?
Would you use any of these ideas for your remodel project?
Let me know in your comment below!!

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Anonymous said...

Love, love, love!!! -Kristy

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

Thank you Kristy

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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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