2 How to: Create Decorating Flow In Your Home?

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I was compelled to write how to create decorating flow throughout your home because of a very good friend of mine is in the process of building a house and her question to me was. How to create flow when you want to use a different color in another room? The best way for me to answer her question is to show her how. 

Whenever I decorate I always think of how each room will flow together and how I can bring all the rooms together to create contentious flow. 

Let’s say you love the color purple and you want to put it on a wall in your dining room but you didn't want to paint other rooms in your house that same color.  My answer to you would be to, go ahead and paint your dining room wall that beautiful purple color and then pull some of that lovely color in the other rooms with beautiful accessories with that lovely color in it. Check out some of these examples below
I love how this room  flows from one room to the next. Check out the beautiful wall color in the opposite room its done in a lovely eggplant color with gold stencils. Now look at the living room picture we are viewing, are you seeing the flow here? This room doesn't have eggplant color walls but it flows because of the eggplant pillows on the sofa and the accessories around it.
Check out the beautiful art peace of the beautiful African lady with the eggplant and green colors in it and notice the rug the color it convey doesn't it bring the color of the living room into the dining room. This kind of flow is especially needed in one room homes. Did you notice the chandelier shades with the gold inside it? What a subtle way to bring the gold over to that side of the room.
Check out how the kitchen is still flowing even though it has mostly no purple anywhere accept in the lovely flower arrangement.
Now check out the flow through out. Just Lovely
In this chic nap nook with a built-in twin bed, continues the flow with the eggplant color throughout but manages to bring in some beautiful light colors in the pillows and fabric. This is how you keep the flow when you have lots open space throughout the house.

I love the eggplant walls in this room and the white chair breaks up the strong color of the wall in this room. I love the contentious flow throughout this home.

Step1: Remember when creating flow you don't have to be committed to the same wall color in every room.

Step2: Continue flow with using accessories in the same color throughout other rooms in the house.

Step3: Now is the time to eliminate your fair and start to create flow throughout your space.

I hope some questions about creating flow throughout your home is answered!

Are you feeling confident to create flow in your home?
Do you think the photos above depicts flow in a home?
Please let me know in your comment below!!!

Serenity design

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Anonymous said...

Shinay, you have such great taste! Thank you for spelling things out in ways that are easy to understand and including great photo's to really paint the picture in the reader's mind. Great job!!! -Kristy

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

Thanks Kristy for your kind words, it means a lot you feel I paint an accurate picture of what I want to explain, especially because it’s so hard to put the words to the paper so to speak, so your comment means a lot.

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