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Nothing is better than a creative girls room done on a budget, creative and beautiful is lovely but done on a budget is great. I think its fair to say that when it comes to decorating we want the look of beauty and prestige but if we can do it on a budget its all
the better. Check out these ("5 creative girls rooms done on a budget". )
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This room is what you call true vintage, creative and done on a budget this room is designed by RMSer lolaboutique she used cozy white bedding and toile pillows and very simple aged frames with letters in different fonts. Check out how beautiful and simple this room is. This room can easily be done on a budget if you purchase white bedding and hang a few vintage pictures and use white walls as your backdrop. How easy is that?
 How to do on a budget
·         Shop at local drift stores and Craigslist for bed
·         Paint old nightstands
·         Find old picture frames and paint them all the same color, then find some letters in beautiful founts and frame them and there you have it, beautiful art for not a lot of money
·         Buy some white paint and paint the walls, who knew white walls could be such a beautiful backdrop
This room was done on a very small budget of $250.00 yes that’s right $250.00 done by the homeowner with help from her parents. This is such a beautiful room and to see that it was done on such a small budget is so inspiring. If you will like to see how it was done go on over to Viva Full House blog and see how she was able to bring this beautiful room together for such a small budget

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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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