5 weekly Interior Designer Moment-Illya Hendrix and Thomas Allardyce

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This is another weekly interior designer moment and this week goes to- Illya Hendrix and Thomas Allardyce. 
This week’s research was in no way disappointing when I learned more about the top Los Angeles designers Illya Hendrix and Thomas Allardyce. The purpose for my research is to keep up on the latest and most desirable designs and therefore I can bring them back to you but just as important it is to see where and how I can grow as a designer and I must say that I am learning more and more each time I do my designer homework. This week I have been educated once again just to speak of a few I have been educated on how to make design appear timeless and unchanging and most of all elegant and well-designed. Illya and Thomas have been Partners since 1978, needless to say I was only 6 yrs of age then so I knew that I was in for a treat while researching their great designs – After taking a look through their portfolio there were so many tasteful, sophisticated and elegant interiors that just made me smile.
Illya Hendrix and Thomas Allardyce have designed homes throughout California as well as abroad, including Australia and Saudi Arabia.  There designs maintain authenticity throughout the history of their work. Their work is all so inspiring. I hope that you will appreciate the work these great designers bring and be as inspired as I am.  Check out their great designs below
Living room

 Living Room
Dinning Room



I love observing designs that has been around for a long time when it appears as if it was just created today!!!  This is what I call timeless designs.
Illya Hendrix and Thomas Allardyce designs are classy, chic and timeless. This was a very delightful weekly interior designer’s moment and I hope you agree.

If you will like more inspiration from Illya Hendrix and Thomas Allardyce
Check out their website below

 Tell me what you think!!! Was this an inspiring Weekly Interior Designer moment?

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