2 Color Crush- Blue and Green2

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Interior Designer- Eileen Kathryn Boyd

 Eileen Kathryn Boyd is an amazing designer and I must say she is truly inspiring. When I noticed her work I was blown away and I knew that I had to share these beautiful rooms of great color and balance in all since of design. The color crush I have on blue and green is unquestionably validated by the looks of these rooms. Thanks to Eileen Kathryn Boyd for such great designs.
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Anonymous said...

More of that beautiful blue & green. I love it! (I want to know where that mirror came's fab!). I think we have similar taste. Keep 'em coming.... -Kristy

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

OK Kristy I'm on the hunt for that beautiful mirror!!! It is beautiful. I'm so glad you’re with me on this crush of Blue and green.

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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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