11 Teen Boys Sports Theme Bedrooms

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Let your teen boy’s passion for athletics fuel his rooms decorating scheme. A sports theme will roll with your son’s transformation from silly young boy to growing young man. Fill the room with all his memorabilia and be sure to provide a prominent place to display things. Don’t take for granted that your teen boy isn’t still into sports themes. Remember when he becomes a young man he may have a man cave with his favorite sports team as his theme. In my designer experience, sports theme hardly ever goes out of style. Sports themes are a design that’s classic for young, teen, and older men alike. So without further ado check out these Cool teen sports theme bedrooms below!!

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This room was designed by me, I must say it was so fun decorating for a young man who love all things sports but loves the sport of basket ball most of all. This room is done in a basket ball theme with Michel Jordan taking front and center,doing what he does best,dunking hoops into the basket. I also love how the back of the headboard is lit up with rope lights behind it makes for shooting baskets at night much funner.
The walls are smokey gray colored,  I vividly remembers the moms fear of such a dark color. I had to convince her that the gray color will simply be a background color that she would hardly notice in the end so as you can see she did trust me. I think what I like most is the real basketball hoop on the head board and that amazing image of Michael Jordan as the focal point on the head board. The best part is the young man can play shooting the basket with a real ball or a pair of balled up socks anytime he wants.

I also love the orange and green as the accent colors throughout the room.

Teen Boys Sports Theme Bedrooms

Which Teen Boys Sports Theme Bedrooms did you like most?

Do you think using any of these ideas in your son’s room is likely? 

Tell us what you think in your comment below!!
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Anonymous said...

Great pictures !
My son loves the one of Lebron dunking in the hoop and the basketball court flooring in the last 4 pictures.

josh said...

what kinda bed is on the 17 one

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

Hi Josh sorry for the delay answer but the 17 bed is what you call a platform bed pretty cool if I do say so myself. Thanks for your comment. I hope this answers your question.

Anonymous said...

Love your designs! Would like to get in touch with you. Am interested in purchasing the green soccer mural and the graffiti mural. Possibly the soccer ball bed too.


Sports Bedding said...

LOVE your bedroom....the bed is love with the color!

Anonymous said...

great rooms! where can I find the red locker in the LeBron bedroom?

Anonymous said...

how can I get in touch with you? do you do work in L.A.?

Anonymous said...

last room is so me <3

Anonymous said...

where can I buy the bedding for the Michael Jordan room?

Anonymous said...

where can i buy the bedding for the last three pics on the sports room with the basketball...and where did you get the flooring?
it is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

How can I order the baseball mural

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