1 My House from the Beginning-Part 2

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I like to thank you friends for your comments on my house from the beginning part1 and I will like to thank you for coming back to part2. Now where did I leave off? Oh I remember (After all of that, I still wonder just what it was that caught my husband’s attention, hmmm)

So to continue! I soon learned my husband wasn’t giving up and he really wanted to take a look at this house that as you all know I had no interests in buying but like I said in the part1 I was willing to take one for the team and so I did. So as I said before I made the appointment for this house that needed a little work said the realtors ad or did she say (Needs cosmetics) yes that’s what she said but besides that I was very skeptical about seeing the house as we all know by now. Anyhow the appointment is made and we have a schedule date to go see the place with little excitement by me but at least my husband was happy. Check out how the appointment went.

Appointment day and reactions! 
So we enter the house with great skepticism and uncertainty but nonetheless open minded (well not me) but anyhow being a team player, so we walk in through the front door into the foyer and the living room and my reaction is

Living room
Shinay-Hmmm, wow! OK!
Husband:  YES! COOL.
Dining room
Shinay: hmm OK
Husband: head shake yes
Shinay: yikes, nasty and dirty but nice cabinets though but this is as far as I’m going because I’m not walking on these nasty floors.

Husband: Dirty! It looks like it’s been in a fire but nice cabinets.
Sun porch
Shinay: I can’t walk in there because the floors are too nasty so I restrained from seeing the sun porch at that time.
Husband: I’ve seen enough
Shinay: What! Why?

Husband: Because there is a hole in the roof and grass growing out of the floor!
Shinay: What? That wasn’t in the realtor’s ad, hmm no wonder this house isn’t sold!
Husband: Well I seen enough
Shinay: What you mean you seen enough we still have the whole upstairs to see? I like this house in fact I love this house!
Husband: Aren’t you the one who said you didn’t want to see this house?
Shinay: Yes but I think this is our dream home
Husband: But it’s just too much work involved
Shinay: Are you afraid of a little hard work?
Husband: Wow! What a change of heart!
Shinay: This house has major potential and we have to buy it but first let’s see the upstairs and the bathroom and that will determine if I really want to buy...
Husband: Wow how small
Shinay: Small but we can make it bigger- Let’s see if there’s a wall behind the bathroom we can move or sacrifice. 

Break- OK I must say the bathroom was extremely small and trust me when I say small, I do mean small. If you really want to know how small, imagine this!- sitting on the toilet and putting your feet in the bath tub at the same time. I kid you not it was just that small.
Husband: Yes there’s is a closet behind it
Shinay: OK doable!
Bedroom on first floor:
Shinay: Good size this can be the guest room
Husband: I like it
Walking up the stairs
Shinay: Wow I love the stairway it curves and it has really high ceilings. This is doable I love this house.

Husband: It needs a lot of work! Look at all the wallpaper on the walls it’s going to be a job
Shinay: I see it, but I also see all the potential this home has. I think this is the house for us. This house have just about everything the other house have accept the high price. Well a few more square feet but the house has loads of potential. We should give it the tender love and care it needs.
Husband: Look at you! Aren’t you the one who said you didn’t even want to see the house?
Shinay: Yes but I now see how wrong I was. I think we can make it home.
Husband: Let’s check out the bedrooms first
Bedrooms 2 on second floor
Bedroom 1 and 2 we both liked and seen the possibilities they had. Both rooms were big in size and very suitable for our family so the bedrooms were winners.
The biggest test of all was the basement:
Husband: if the basement is sound then this house will be a winner.
Shinay: you go down and let me know what you think and maybe I’ll come down.
Husband: it doesn’t look bad. Well I have to let Dad see it first to get his opinion and then I can make a real judgment of rather we should buy it or not.
Well my friends it’s been over seven years since this all happened and to retract all we said I’m sure that is mostly how it went down but I wanted to give you an idea of our mindset when we bought this house.  The decision wasn’t an easy one for my husband because of all the work OH my-o-my how things changes after an interior designer spots potential in a home one minute you’re not going to see the home to the next minute your buying the home.
Well my friends we did have my father-in-law come by to see the house and he gave us the go ahead to buy it he said the basement was sound and very sturdy for the steel beams alone was enough to buy the house. Better yet other than the hole in the roof this house was a blessing. Nice price, nice location and good schools what more can we ask for? (Hard work)

So as the story goes many of you could see why I like the first house very spacious and newer than the second and some of you can’t even see why I could even consider the second house, since I had my heart set on the first one. Will trust me, I’m right there with you! But I thank you for reserving judgement until you’ve seen the entire house (Cape Cod). Definitely a lot came into play such as price and plane old practicality but you know when you’re in love, your blind to practicality and I’ll tell you I didn’t realize that until years later when both myself and husband lost our jobs at the same time and only then I realized we would have never been able to maintain a mortgage of that size so God knew what was practical for our family long before we knew…So friends again take a good look of my house before.

And this my friends is the little cape cob that would!

Friends that’s all for now but next time you’ll see this house go from drab to fab and we had only a few months to do it and boy it was a job. So I hope you come back to see a series I call My House Love- I’ll be giving you the tour of my house room by room on different days so come back to see this house become home to me and my family. Until then  I’ll see you then…
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Barry Chavez said...

You definitely had a change of heart in this house. Despite not liking the house at first glance and the roof having a hole, you still gave it a chance. And when I saw the house picture, I understood why. It might be a tough job re-constructing the house, but hiring the right people will surely make it look good as new. How is it now by the way?

Barry @

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