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Hi friends I hope you all had a good weekend mine was great until that disappointing loss by the Buffalo Bills, as heartbreaking as it was whatever the case may be life must go on.
Friends lately I've been thinking of a place just for me. I know it sounds a bit selfish but the truth is I need a workspace just for me. As a blogger and interior designer creativity is a must and I need a place I can get my creative juices flowing, a place that represents what I do. Does this ever happen to you when you feel you need inspiration to get you going? Well my friend that is where I am at today I'm thinking of drafting a place in my home to call my own.

Recently I was talking to my husband, telling him how much I need a space just for my design business and he came up with idea to clean out the basement and carve out a space for me and I thought hmm why didn't I think of that? I have to admit my first thought was it’s going to take lots of time to fix up and I need something now.
Now friends let me make mention I do have an office at the current time in my home but this is dedicated to the whole family and we're always competing who’s going to get the desk or the computer first but because I mostly work from home I'm the one who gets it and this I thought was a bit selfish on my part  Because  my husband is a realtor and my daughter has homework to do I can’t hog up the office as much as I do, so for that reason I think it will be so great to free up this office for my family and I'll have a place I can call my own in my basement.

Now friend I'm thinking huge, I'm thinking design studio where I can have my clients come to pick out fabrics, wallpaper and so on. Now am I being a little too ambitious I’m not sure but here are a few ideas I came across recently that get me motivated.

Friends thanks for checking out what inspires me please come back next week when I show how my basement looks now and a e-design of how I'm hoping it will look in the near future.   Friends if you haven't by now check me out on Pinterest and follow all my boards.

Please let me know what you think in your comments below! Until next time...
Shinay Key

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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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